About Us

ASNAF is the Federation of Asian/Australasian Accounting Firms, an alliance of accounting firms in various countries across the ASEAN region and throughout Asia including Australia and New Zealand. The five founding members of ASNAF are representatives from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Thailand joined as the sixth member followed by Vietnam and Myanmar.

We provide accounting, advisory, and assurance services to SME and MNC clients.

To service our clients better especially at the international level, we are associated with international accounting groups.

With our associates, ASNAF has an international network of more than 400 offices in over 70 countries throughout the world covering Europe, North and Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Each member firm is independent and no partnership, implied or otherwise, exists between member firms by reason of their membership in ASNAF.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote standardised accounting practice and services so as to enhance professionalism in regional accounting services to support the growth of all our clients.

Story behind the logo


The ASNAF logo symbolizes a stable and dynamic relationship of teamwork amongst its members.

The colours blue, red and yellow are the main colours of the logo of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations). Blue represents stability. Red depicts dynamism and yellow signifies prosperity.

The shape of our logo symbolizes that founder members of the organization are representatives of ASEAN countries and shaded in blue to mean stability and unity of the participating countries.

The ribbon signifies friendship. The ribbon goes around the bottom part to the upper part of the main shape depicts dynamism of ASNAF members and will unite all member countries in to work closely together in future.

An Outline of yellow around the ribbon means that member countries are bountiful with prosperity.


There is a multiplicity of interests and service approach amongst the various accounting firms across the region. We see this as opportunity for the development of sub-regional accounting cooperative arrangements in supporting our client expansion.

Opportunities & Challenges

We are also aware of the rapid and pervasive changes in international economics and business environment, which offer both opportunities as well as challenges to the provision of quality accounting practice and services. Hence,the need for more cohesive and effective cooperation framework for accounting firms operating in the region.

Our Commitment

We are mindful of the need to extend the spirit of mutual friendship to each other within and beyond regional economies for a continuing professional development of the industry. The formation of ASNAF will foster closer cooperation among accounting firms in the region to support fully our clients in their expansion plans.

International Alliances

At ASNAF, each of our member firms aims to deliver cost-effective professional services to meet its clients' business needs. Sometimes, certain aspects of the required services may not be available from within the firm's own resources or in our own network - and that is why we have established strategic alliances with other leading firms and associations in complementary sectors, markets and professional disciplines. We work closely with our alliance partners to provide a service giving our clients a total solution from a single point of contact.

SBC Global Alliance

SBC Global Alliance

SBC Global Alliance is a global association of leading independent firms providing audit, tax, accounting, assurance and business advisory services around the world. SBC Global Alliance and its members operate with shared values around independence and integrity. They provide individuals, businesses and organisations they work with the highest level of professionalism, a personal approach and expert knowledge, all delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

SBC’s members provide their clients with access to business services and support in the key financial centres, commercial cities and the principle trading zones across the world. All members have the technical skills and experience of working with businesses and individuals that operate internationally. SBC Global Alliance member firms offer businesses, organisations and individuals’ advice and support based on an in-depth understanding of the sector they work within.

Joint Declaration

Taking cognisance of our commitment to fully support all our clients especially in their regional as well as international expansion, ASNAF members hereby declare that:

  • ASNAF shall endeavour to strengthen joint-accounting cooperation through an outward looking approach so as to promote greater intra-Asean trade development.
  • ASNAF shall offer assistance to each member in the form of training and research facilities in the related accounting sphere of intra Asean financial services.
  • ASNAF have agreed to enhance cooperation in a more strategic and joint accounting activities and to improve the overall accounting services to the business and non-business communities.
  • ASNAF shall provide flexibility for new and improved cooperation to offer professional services.
  • ASNAF shall maintain close and beneficial cooperation with existing international and other regional organisations with similar objects and purposes and will explore all avenues for effective networking among themselves.
  • ASNAF shall promote active collaborations and mutual assistance on matters of common interest in enhancing professional accounting services.